5 Different Ways To Use A Tea Towel

Thank you, tea towels! You're so versatile, and you keep our kitchens organised and colourful. The next time someone gives you a gift from the heart, don't toss it in the back of the linen closet or hand it off to that one good friend who loves to get practical presents. Instead, try these 5 ideas:

There are many ways to use tea towels in gift giving!

Wrapping paper

One of the most obvious ways to use a tea towel is as gift wrapping. This can be especially helpful if you want to give someone a special gift, but don't have the resources (or time) to buy fancy wrapping paper. Tea towels are great for this because they're useful and affordable, but also come in lots of different patterns that make them look extra special.

As long as it's not too big, you can wrap anything with a tea towel! From small trinkets like jewellery or keychains, to bigger items like shoes or books (but only if they're small enough), there is no limit on what can be wrapped up in a nice little bundle with one of these handy kitchen cloths.

A table covering

Bake a lot? Cover a cake with a tea towel! If you’re making cakes, or just want to keep the dust off of your counter while you’re cooking, try covering your cakes with a damp tea towel. This will keep them moist and prevent the surface from developing any unsightly marks.


Tea towels are a great alternative to paper napkins, and feel super luxurious. A tea towel is absorbent and durable, so it can be used to clean up small messes in the kitchen and wipe down dirty surfaces.

A serving platter

You can use a tea towel as a makeshift serving platter. Just place the food on the cloth, grab some utensils, and voilà! You’re ready to eat. (Plus it looks great on the 'gram).

A pot holder

If your hands are cold, a tea towel makes an excellent pot holder. Plus, the soft fabric is gentle on your skin and can help prevent burns.

If you're boiling water for pasta or soup, a warm tea towel will protect your hands from hot dishes as they pass over to the countertop.

Tea towels are one of those things that we all have, but don’t necessarily think about. But if you start looking at them as more than just a towel for drying dishes, you’ll find there are so many different uses for them! I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to use your tea towels in new and creative ways that will make your life easier or just more fun.

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