How To Decorate Your Walls When You're Renting

If you're reading this guide, you've probably already figured out that walls are the best part of a house. They keep the wind out (or in our case in Singapore, the HEAT and RAIN) and they're great for hanging things on. But that doesn't mean they can't be improved upon! If you're looking to turn your boring old walls into something beautiful and inspiring in your rental home, look no further.

Pick a theme

It’s important to consider how your wall art will fit into the overall design of your apartment. The wrong piece can make even the nicest space look cluttered and unbalanced, so if you want your walls to look good and be cohesive with their surroundings, it’s best to plan ahead.

If you're anything like me, you have multiple prints/pieces of artwork that you've picked up on your travels. So in my case, travel could be the theme - try different ways of mixing them together, grouping by colour or grouping by location.

Hang a gallery wall

If you're new to the world of display walls, the first thing to do is pick the right wall. It should be one that's not busy with other items (like furniture, light fixtures or air con units) and it should have enough space for your frames and posters to breathe. If you have multiple small nooks or alcoves in different corners of your home, consider turning each one into a gallery wall by adding elements like mirrors and plants as accents. I LOVE the 3M hooks for damage-free hanging, particularly the velcro ones to hold up light artwork.

Play with prints

When you think of prints, you might be thinking of a bold geometrical pattern or an abstract floral print. But there's another way to play with prints: pair them with other prints.

Got a print of Singapore you're not sure how to mix in? Search for a bold print or even a family photo in similar tones. Places like Etsy have heaps of downloadable art you can choose from.

Go for artful arrangements

Now that you've got your wall space down, it's time to think about what you're going to hang on it. This is the fun part. Not only can you decorate your walls with things that express who you are, but they can also be really pretty!

To get started, take a look at all of your options and see which ones make sense for the room. If you're looking for something very Singapore themed, try something like this:

This will give anyone who walks into your house a good idea of what kind of person lives there—and it won't bother them if they don't care about art! I know that this wall screams 'I Love Singapore' and won't be for everyone, but you know, you get the idea!

There are so many ways to decorate your walls and make them look beautiful. I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your own home!

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